Xsun automotive films are designed to enhance your vehicle's appearance and to provide the performance features you desire. An array of optically clear and tinted films that range from high-performance dyed films to metal combinations and top-of-the-line all metal films are available to customize your vehicle. Known for their quality and patented scratch-resistant coating, Xsun are durable and virtually maintenance free.


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T-977 UV & Solar Dual Transmission Meter Combines the popular features of the GT973 & GT968 into one simple to use meter. Powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (included).


T975 Strengthened Glass Detector Allows users to confirm if glass has been strengthened. The detector can test single panes of glass or multiple panes in a window at a single time, and from a single side. As a bonus, the SG2700 detector can even identify the thickness of the first piece of glass in the window. Carrying case included. Powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (included)


TM2000 INSPECTOR II. The TM2000 Inspector II is the newest in two piece light meter technology allowing you to measure all windows on vehicles with auto calibration accurate to within +/-2%. This meter is 75% smaller than older models and carries a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


Solar Spectrum Transmission Meter This device is the most accurate meter calibrated to ISO9050, NFRC300 AND EN410 standards. Effortlessly demonstrate six performance characteristics at a time including two air 900-1000 nm and IR 780-1780 NM. Ensuring the complete picture if a window film's performance. Simply slide the glass sample into the opening and see the resulting values displayed.


T972 Digital Tape Measure This compact meter uses a narrow beam to measure dis- tances instantly, even through door openings and in crowded rooms. Lifetime lithium battery included.


T976 Glass Sample Set Conduct your sales demonstration effectively by including glass samples to help illustrate the benefits of film over standard glass. Includes 2 clear single pane, 2 clear IG and 2 low-E sets.


T-961 Insulated Glass Thickness & Gap Gauge Used to measure glass and air space thickness in sealed insulating glass units. Laser reflections off the surfaces of glass appear on the graduated scale of the gauge allowing you to easily determine the thickness of the glass, plus the air space separating the pieces of glass in a sealed IG assembly. Carrying case included. Powered by two standard “ AAA” alkaline batteries (included)

T-174 T-175

T174 Pocket Detective Meter Measures visible light transmission (VLT) and visible light reflectivity (VLR) on fixed or roll down windows. Specialty battery included. T175 Pocket Detective 2.1 Base Used to measure visible light transmission (VLT) on roll down windows. Powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (included).


T978 Laser Thermometer Reads temperatures of solid surfaces, best when used within three feet of surface. Demonstrate difference once window film is applied to glass with new reading of solid surface. Not to be used on glass. Powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (included).


T971 Soft Case For Meters


T-967 Digital BTU Meter This wide spectrum digital meter measures solar radiant energy intensity directly transmitted through glass (or the film-glass combination) in units of BTUs per square foot per hour or watts per square foot. Effective tool showing the relative effectiveness of various films in blocking solar radiant heat. Especially useful for showing how a very dark dyed film may allow far more energy to pass through than a much lighter metallic film. Powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (included).


T960 Low-E Coating Detector Detects the presence and location of thermal resistant coatings (LOW-E) used on energy efficient single and dual pane glass. Never requires calibration. Powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (included).960


Measure Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) of automotive glass, as well as any glass/film upto 1/4" or 6.5mm thick The two-piece design, allows for testing of the windshield,as well as rear and side window. The instrument unit contains all of the electronics. A single, extremely long-lasting, 9-volt alkaline battery powers the electronics.


Tint Check + Tc 1800 Automotive Meter Measure visible light transmission (VLT) On a rolled down window. A smaller meter that fits comfortably in pockets. Calinrated to a NIST traceable standard.


T974-SOFT Professional Meter Sales Kit With Soft-Sided Case Our UV & Solar Sales Presentation Kits offer a single source for convenient and convincing sales demonstrations. The kits include locations for glass samples, digital meters, lamps, product literature & more. Show your customer performance numbers they understand, by using our simple Solar Transmission T968 and UV Transmission T973 Meters. This demonstration WILL SELL your customers because it operates in terms they can understand. A popular optional item that may be added to the kit is the T978 Laser Thermometer. Kit Includes: T968 Digital BTU & Trans-Meter T962 Heat Lamp Unit T973 UV Meter T963 U.V. Light Source Lamp Soft Case with Strap Optional T978 Laser Thermometer Note: T976 Glass samples NOT included in kits


T973 UV Sentry Meter Position the meter facing the UV source, such as sunlight or a heat lamp (T962), and turn the meter on. Place various materials between the meter and the UV source and the resulting UV Transmission percentage will be displayed. Powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (included).


T-969 Toughened Glass Indicator Used to determine which, if any, panes in a window unit are heat-treated. Knowing this allows use of films that would otherwise be inappropriate on regular annealed glass. Full set of user instructions and case included (120 volt).


EnForce II .The TM1000 Enforcer II is a light weight and pocket sized automotive tint master. It comes equipped with a coin cell battery that will last for up to 2500 uses and is auto calibrating. For roll down windows only.


T963 U.V. Light Source Lamp Excellent tool to demonstrate, measure or show how much U.V. window films keep out. Powered by 4 “AA” alkaline batteries (NOT included).


T997 PR33400 Beamsplitter Pro Three real-time measurements. Perfect for large scale presentations. Includes a 9-volt DC power pack. (100-240Volt).


T-968 Digital BTU & Trans-Meter Use this meter to evaluate solar performance. It provides excellent resolution, reading low light conditions more accurately than competitors, with no need for adjustments. The easy to read digital display toggles between power and transmission percentage mode. It's small, portable, and convenient to take out in the field. Powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (included).


T982 Spectrum Detective Meter Effortlessly demonstrate three performance characteristics at a time: UV, Visible Light, and Infrared transmission values. The Spectrum Detective shows your customer performance numbers they can understand and proves to them that your "high performance" window films are worth their investment. Simply slide the glass sample into the opening and see the resulting values displayed. No additional light sources are needed. Everything is self-contained in a single convenient package. Carrying case included. Powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (included).


Tint-Check + TC2800 Automotive Meter (T2035) PLUS FEATURES A back light LCD display making it much easier to read in low light conditions. Reads to the nearest tenth percent for greater accuracy.


T962 Heat Lamp Unit Great tool for tabletop presentations. Powered by 110 volt power cord. (Plug in).

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