Xsun automotive films are designed to enhance your vehicle's appearance and to provide the performance features you desire. An array of optically clear and tinted films that range from high-performance dyed films to metal combinations and top-of-the-line all metal films are available to customize your vehicle. Known for their quality and patented scratch-resistant coating, Xsun are durable and virtually maintenance free.

Cleaning and Chemicals

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T716 Plexus Plastic Polish-13 oz Anti-static plastic polish - safe for all window films. Leaves behind a protective sheen on any plastic surface.


T1039 Rapid Remover- 32 oz A non-toxic, water-soluable adhesive remover that breaks down and removes adhesive fast. Available in two sizes: Gallon or 32 ounce bottles.


T-1034 Dot Devil- 32 oz Dot matrix prep solution. Use to aid film adhesion over dot matrix areas in auto installs.


Copper mesh pad The copper mesh pas is for the dot matrix prep ONLY! It will Definitely scratch glass.


T-209 The Scrubber Used to reach behind speakers and brake lights. Scrub away adhesive along the bottom edges of sloped rear windows. Uses replaceable standard White Scrub Pads (T085) cut 2" x 3". This tool is 3" by 15" long.


T733 Dirt-Off Concentrate 1 quart concentrate cleaning solution. Use for interior automotive window cleaning. Great for removing oily deposits on automotive glass. Dirt-Off can also be used as an adhesive accelerant to give additional tack for dot matrix areas.


T-714 X-100 Application Solution- Gallon Cleaning and application concentrate for most dry adhesives. The mild acid forumlation makes this a great cleaning agent for glass contaminated with oil, grease or dirt. Not to be used with copper or silver-based films.


Tint Slime Gallon Tint Slime is a window tint mounting & cleaning solution that can be used to install automotive, paint protection, flat glass film, and vinyl. Tint slime is free of particulates and won't separate. Tint Slime is safe for use on interiors, biodegradable, and tint safe. Concentrate: mix 1 oz per 1 gallon of water

3M Auto Essential Tire

Auto Essential Tire Restores tires to a deep black, and protects exterior rubber and vinyl.


T071 Virtually “Lint Free” Reusable Wipes


T715 Sprayway Glass Cleaner-19 oz Ammonia free, film-friendly aerosol spray used for cleaning film surfaces after installation. Can also be used as an adhesive remover when left to soak


T-1041 Rapid Tac II- 30 oz Great adhesive promotor even in cold weather conditions. A great solution for dot matrix areas or with vinyl products.


T1040 Rapid Remover- Gallon

3M Auto Essentials All Purpose SCRUB

3M Auto Essentials All-Purpose SCRUB Remove bugs, grease and grime from paint, wheels, tires and interiors.


T070 Low Lint Wipes


T160 Film Guard- 19 oz Highly recommended for use after film installations as a cleaner and polish. Helps reduce friction and condensation between film and rubber gaskets on roll- down windows.


T1036 Simple Pink Adhesive Remover- Gallon Adhesive remover.


T-1071 Super Stripper Adhesive Remover- Gallon A highly concentrated, ready to use adhesive remover.


Tint off- Quart Ready to use and specially formulated for the window film industry to make tint removal a snap.

3M Auto Essential Wax

Auto Essential Wax Re-captures that just waxed look and feel delivers a high gloss shine, steak free.


T085 THK 1” Thick Scrub Pad 4.5” x 10” (Not pictured) Great for cleaning windows prior to installation.


T735 Film-On Concentrate 1 quart concentrate mounting solution. Use for pressure sensitive adhesives and sputtered copper films.


T-162P Easy Stripper II Adhesive Remover- Gallon Used to soften adhesive left on glass.


T1035 Blue Slip Up- Gallon Slip agent to aid in window film installation.

3M Auto Essentials Leather & Vinyl Restore

3M Auto Essentials Leather & Vinyl Restore Cleans and conditions leather and vinyl like nothing else.


T072 Wipe Dispenser For use with GT070.

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