Xsun automotive films are designed to enhance your vehicle's appearance and to provide the performance features you desire. An array of optically clear and tinted films that range from high-performance dyed films to metal combinations and top-of-the-line all metal films are available to customize your vehicle. Known for their quality and patented scratch-resistant coating, Xsun are durable and virtually maintenance free.

Measure, Mark & Trim

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T-157 T-158 T-159

  • T157 1/2” Black Out Tape - 150’ Roll
  • T158 1” Black Out Tape - 150’ Roll
  • T159 1 1/2” Black Out Tape - 150’ Roll Black matte vinyl used to hide light gaps along edges of film installations.


T075 Yellow Film Marker Handy for 3 basic purposes: 1) marking film prior to instal- lation of windows with unusual shapes (arches, trape- zoids, etc.) which must be cut to approximate shape before the final "lay-up;" 2) circling a contaminant (hair or fiber) before pulling back the film to remove it, 3) marking film edges to check for glass movement on side roll-ups during the trimming process. Yellow grease mark easily wipes away.


T183 18” Straight Ruler

T-2020 T-2019

  • T-2020 Heat Sheet Demo Card
  • T-2019 Heat Sheet Acrylic Stand 

Heat Sheet Demo Card Vibrantly changes color when it encounters the heat. To demonstrate heat blocking capability of your glass or film use demo card in combination with a heat lamp.


T078 1 1/2” Black Acrylic Felt - 50’ Roll


T187 12” Triangle 45/90 degrees with circle templates.


Finish Line Kniefless Tape The Kniefless tape has a high strength filament that creates a clean sharp cut without the risk of damaging painted surface.

T-990 T-991

  • T990 3/8” Red Film Tape
  • T991 1” Red Film Tape Features low-tack adhesive.

Use to re-tape film rolls for storage. 60.1 yards per roll.


T076 Film Opaquer Pen - Thin Point


T182 36” Straight Ruler Imperial measurements including 1/8ths & 1/16ths.


Do Not Roll Down Stickers Approximately 200 stickers per roll.


T078-75 3/4” Black Acrylic Felt - 50’ Roll Helps reduce scratching of automotive films on some vehicle roll down windows.


T186 8” Triangle 30/60 degrees with circle templates.


Slip Tape Slip tape is the ultimate product for making your application squeegees smoothly and safely glide across window film, paint protection, car wraps & vinyl, avoid tearing or scratching the material you are working with 3/4" x 12 yds


T-981 Do Not Roll Down Stickers (1000 per roll) Perfect as a reminder on new auto installs. Features low-tack adhesive.


T077 Film Opaquer Pen - Broad Point Used by installers to hide fine line mistakes in trimming which causes light intrusion at the film edge.

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