Xsun automotive films are designed to enhance your vehicle's appearance and to provide the performance features you desire. An array of optically clear and tinted films that range from high-performance dyed films to metal combinations and top-of-the-line all metal films are available to customize your vehicle. Known for their quality and patented scratch-resistant coating, Xsun are durable and virtually maintenance free.


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T-137 Stainless Steel 1\" Single Edge Blades

Pack of 100. Use in any 1" blade holder. Stainless steel, uncoated.

T-105 4\" Carbon Scraper Blades

Fits the T-104 and T-1023 (0.017 mm x 4") Pack of 10

T-128 Ceramic Safety Film Cutter

Designed to deliver rapid, precise cuts for thick gauge safety films. It is intended for precision pre-cutting on flat, square-edged tables.

T-1052 Olfa A1160B carbon 30 DEgree Blades

Standard duty acute angle snap off blade for use when precision is a must. Seven cutting edges per blades strip. Fits most standard duty knives. Pack of 10 

T-108 6\" Triumph Carbon Blades

Carbon steel offers strong capable scraping but rust more easily.Use for scraping adhesive and other debris from glass surfaces. Double edged. These blades fir any the standard 6" Triumph Scrapers.

T-140 1\" Single Edge Blades

Pack of 100 (.009"/.2886 mm) Use in any 1" blade holder. #9 Carbon steel single edge blade non-rust aluminum back.

T-139 Plastic Razor Blades

Pack of 100 blades. Perfect for removing leftover film and adhes

T-123 Olfa AB-50B Carbon Snap Blades

Standard carbon snap blades with superior sharpness and edge retention. This 9 mm blade fits most standard duty knives and has 13 cutting edges per blade. Pack of 50.


NT BAD- 21P 30° blade. 10 blades per pack. Carbon. Fit GT1051,GT026N
and GT027

T-1021 BL50P Blades

Pack of 50 Heavy duty NT blades for use with the T-1019, T-111 & T-264.

T-211 3\" Triumph Blades

Carbon, pack of 10. Use in the 3" Triumph Scraper(T-210)

T-2023 Scraperite Plastic Razor Blades

Pack of 100 blades. These plastic razor blades are double edged and safe for glass. Great for removing adhesive from window films vinyl decals.

T-1007 4\\

Carbon, pack of 100.(0.17 mm x 4" ) Fits the T-104 and T-1023.

T- 116 Olfa AB-50S

Pack of 50 blades. The Industry standard blades for film and pattern cutting. Thirteen cutting edge per blade. Use in most standard Knives.

T-1020 NT BA-50P

Stainless Steel Snap Blades Stainless steel snap blades from the makers of the "Red Dot" knife. Use in most standard duty knives.

Pack of 50 

T-108SS-HD 6\\

This rust resistant stainless steel blade is thicker and stringer than a use for those tough film removal jobs. Pack of 25

T-140-12 #12 Single Edge 1\" Blades

Pack of 100 (.012" / .3048mm) Use in any 1" blade holder. #12 Carbon steel single edge blade, non-rust aluminum back.

T-131 8 Point Blades

Pack of 5. 18 mm replacement blades. Fits T-111,T-264 and T-1019.

T-115 Olfa AB-10S

Stainless Steel Snap Blades Pack of 10 . The industry standard when it comes to snap blades for film and pattern cutting. Thirteen cutting edges per blade, use in most standard duty knives


Now comes with two 30 degree blades installed but will accommodate standard 9mm blades as well. Used for film pattern cutting and trimming. Holds up to five blades for automatic blade replacement capabilities.

T-944 Automotive Glass Edge Trimmer

Use along the top edge of roll down windows for a precise “micro-edge” finish (1/8”). Use T-137 as a replacement blade.

T-263 KDS LB-50BH Power black 8pt Blades

Pack of 50. Ideal for thicker films, 7 mil or greater. Fits T-111, T-264 & T-1019

T-2016 KDS GB-50BH Power black G-Blade

Pack of 50. The G-Blade is a double-honed extremely sharp 8 point blade that is ideal for cutting safety and security film. Fits T-111, T-264 & T-1019.

T-112 Olfa LBB-50B UltraMax 8pt Blades

Replacement blades for T-111, T-264 & T-1019 heavy-duty knives. Triple-honed for extremely sharp edge. Ideal for cutting thick films, 7 mil or greater. Pack of 50.


T- 913 6” Roller Assembly Use for security film on 6” cores. Comes with 12” risers. Sold as a pair (2)

T-1031 Olfa UltraMax ABB-50B Ultra Max 8pt Blades

An ultra- sharp carbon blade ideal for applications where superior sharpness is reuired. These blades are double- honed for extreme sharpness and are 25% sharper than the standard duty carbon blade. Eight cutting edges per blades, 50 blades per pack. Fits most standard Olfa knives. 

T-110 Heavy Duty Triumph Blades

Carbon replacement blades for the Red Heavy Duty Triumph Scraper (T-106) Pack of 10

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