Why automotive window films are a must for your car?

“The cars we drive say a lot about us”-- Alexandra Paul

Automobiles are no longer just a means of transportation but a part of owner’s identity. So, we love our car for multiple reasons like driving experience, styling, comfort or reliability to name a few. However, one major concern which is left unaddressed by all car owners is to assure protection of oneself and loved ones from sun’s harmful UV rays, heat, and glare while traveling.

Automobiles window films have been designed to assure that your car has no harmful rays or radiations entering it. With the usage of these window tinting solutions, the owner becomes more confident during the ride knowing that all his/her family members are now safe.

Automotive window films provide long lasting functional benefits such as:

  • Interiors of car do not fade

Automobile window films if installed professionally are a great way to protect your investment. It blocks the sunshine which can fade upholstery and discolor leather and vinyl. It also helps car interiors from warping and cracking. These films are designed to block windshield glare to reduce eye fatigue from direct sun or bright headlights.

  • Blocking of UV Ray

Automotive window films can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays responsible for skin aging and cancer. Automotive windows tint films block both UVA (longwave ultraviolet) and UVB (short wave ultraviolet). Researchers in the USA have claimed that 53% of skin cancers occur on the left side of the body, which is the left of driver’s side of a car. One must order these automotive window films online or through local shops to safeguard against this risk.

  • Balancing car temperature

Car owners often battle to find the right level of air conditioning due to fluctuating external temperature. Automotive window films help to resolve this dilemma as it blocks 35%-65% of the solar heat, so you can balance the temperature and create a comfortable climate. Also, one can cut down his/her fuel consumption by reducing air conditioning usage.

  • Shattered Glass Protection

Automotive window films come up with safety benefits like protection from shattering glass if an object hits. In case of a car accident, passengers are protected from glass shards and safety from being ejected through windows. Automobile tint films also protect you from any theft as thieves find it difficult to break through this tinted glass and get into your car.

  • Assurance of privacy

Automobile window tint films come with a wide range of tinting options to provide a level of privacy for its passengers. One must assure whether these tinting options are as per the guidelines of the various state laws.

These benefits are more than the aesthetic look of your car as it ensures complete peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Some of our popular automotive window films include:

XSun films offer multiple types of automobile window films and have numerous suppliers across the globe in countries like USA, UAE, Nigeria to name a few. One can customize as per his requirements with the help ofautomotive tint viewer and can order automotive window films online.

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