Improve aesthetics with decorative window films

Usage of glass in buildings has seen a compounding growth in the last decade with its applications also diversifying. We have observed that its usage is no longer restricted to exterior windows but is often used as a medium to enhance the aesthetics of premises. Glasses are now robust in nature, so designers prefer to use it to create walls, stairs or partitions to cubicles. Interior designers advocate that glasses are now an important design element as they ensure that there is connectivity between inner and outer world. Also, it allows light to penetrate making the building energy efficient.

One of the major drawbacks of glasses is that they can compromise privacy and can become monotonous. In order to reduce these shortcomings, designers use decorative window films or use chemicals to etch the glass. Chemicals are not advisable as they may or may not enhance aesthetics of the premises. Thus, the best choice today is to use decorative window films which allow one to be creative and enrich the appearance of an ordinary glass. Also, it allows one to add functionality making windows and doors more than being transparent.

The major benefits of decorative window films are:

  • help to diffuse harsh sunlight
  • allow one to customize the interior and exterior appearance
  • create a tranquil environment
  • blocks 98% of UV rays
  • reduce the chances of fading of furnishing
  • high longevity
  • easy to remove

Apart from the above mentioned generic benefits, usage of these decorative window films is has some added benefits.
For example, usage of these decorative window films on glass doors helps to keep one secure from peeping toms or thieves without the usage of curtains. If one wishes to use as partitions to cubicles, usage of black pyramid films seem to be a great option. It can be customized according to the direction and intensity of light. One can also adjust its transparency level.

Some of our widely used films include

So, why have a boring and clear glass door, window or wall when a colourful one waits for you? Make your home or workplace a fun place to be by selecting from multiple designs, pattern, and colours.

We, at Xsun Films, are the providers of all kinds of filming solutions.We have the ability to customize it as per the design and recreate the space. We specialize in installation and maintenance of all kinds of tinting and film treatments. You can explore our decorative window films collection online and place the order by contacting us.

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