Buyer's guide to choose residential window films

Home is a synonym to care, affection and peace. It is important for you to assure this before investing in products for your home. One such product is home window tints films. It is a small investment which yields great long term results.

Residential window films have multiple benefits such as:

  • UV protection for your loved ones and furnishing
  • Additional layer of security
  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Reduction in glares

Residential window films are designed to help you keep safe and healthy. However, one should consider multiple factors before purchasing residential window films. Here, we have enlisted some parameters to help you find the best solution.

  • Identify your goals

Residential window films have multiple types, each designed to meet a unique benefit.You should start by enlisting your requirements and then consider your external environment.
For example, for people residing in areas which receive excessive sunlight, UV Clear films is the best option. Once, you are done with the goal identification, start your search for certified dealers to guide you through the phase of purchase and installation.

  • Evaluate performance characteristics

Once, you have decided the type of residential window films, evaluate its performance characteristics. Ask your dealer to share the specifications which will talk about parameters like visible light transmittance, solar transmittance, solar reflectance, UV rejection capability etc.

  • Compare aesthetics value

Aesthetics play a major role while deciding the correct window films as the major issue which buyers worry is whether the window films would blend with the existing theme or not. One must confirm the professionals and find out about the best option to complement the home. Options like reflective, bronze, clear are some which generally blend all type of interiors.

  • Request for in-home estimate

The last step one must take before placing the order is to have trained dealer assess the home personally and give a quote for film and installation. One can then evaluate the best possible quote from all the vendors and take the final call.

In case, you are still evaluating your options, please check out our best-selling options of this segment:

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