Become a green organization with commercial window films

Every organization wishes today to be addressed as a green organization. The premises they use plays a major role in this quest. The envelope of these buildings is responsible for make or break of energy efficiency goals and later in their utility bills. Commercial window films play a major role in creating an envelope which keeps indoor temperatures inside and outdoor temperatures outside. They also can have an impact in maintaining an indoor air quality humidity levels and water infiltration.

In a study conducted by United States General Services Administration and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, it was found that the organizations that use eco-friendly 3. commercial window films use less money to operate. They conducted a yearlong study to prove that 22 LEED federal buildings across the country cost 19% less to maintain. LEED which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a unique rating system designed to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and encourage towards sustainable design.

Here we have enlisted the parameters which will help you become a green organization and help you in your quest of being a LEED certified organization:

1. Windows

One must regularly examine every window and check for air leakage, broken glass or condensation issues. Once, you are through with this exercise and windows are found in good condition, then window films should be considered to enhance their insulating power. These commercial window films are designed to reduce thermal heat loss through windows allowing the indoor spaces to be warmer in winters and cooler in summers. This reduces the chances of hot/cold spots and maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the building.

2. Exterior Doors

One of the major concerns for organizations is to assure thermal balance along with moisture control in areas nearby to the exterior doors. They struggle to do so due to continuous air leakage issues. Our commercial window films are designed to counteract to this waste of energy and create a comfortable temperature.
With the help of tints, one can create a well-insulated building envelope which will have a powerful positive effect on organization energy efficiency. Organizations must plan to evaluate the long-term goals instead of looking for the short term financial gains. With the help of these commercial window films, exterior elements will be kept where they belong---outside!
Also, commercial films ensure an optimum balance between the temperatures and reduce the chances of hot/cold spots throughout the building.

Our commercial window films are designed to meet all kinds of climate changes and structural requirements. Some of them which you must consider include:

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